The small wood instrument, ocarina named “Ju-ne” which fits comfortably in your hand was created in the foot of Yatsugatake, beautiful peaks of Japan in 2010.

Ocarina so called “Ju-ne” is professionally handmade one by one. It has soft and warm sound of course, also it has good touch and smell of woods.

This “Ju-ne” made from woods is the only one in the world. Please experience the impressive sounds, and find the one fit your gentle breath and feel the comfortable touching.

Sounds like
Bird Chirping

“Ju-ne” has six holes and in depends on finger work, it can make 15 different sounds in total, C to D of C major scale.
Also, it has two different types of range such as “ Soprano”and “Baritone”.
“Soprano” has sound like the birds singing, and “Baritone” has one octave low deep sound.
You can easily challenge both type of “Ju-ne”, but as for me, I recommend soprano type for the first step.
We provide the craft kit you can make by yourself and also have “Starter’s Ju-ne” for the first time, beginners.
There are different qualities and prices depends on types of trees. Please ask us.

  • Soprano

    Soprano has the sounds of bird chirping. This soprano is good for the first challenger.

    Size: width 4 cm / height 8.5 cm
    Material: domestic wood*, oil finish
    *Differs in seasons

  • Baritone

    The size is larger than Soprano, and it has one octave law deep sound.
    The sound is like Cuckoo singing. Finger work is as same as Soprano.

    Size: width 6 cm / height 11 cm
    Material: domestic wood*, oil finish
    *Differs in seasons

  • For Beginners

    It’s the introduction for beginners who want to touch and try to make sound of “Ju-ne”.
    Sounds are clear, so that, you feel cozy when you begin to play.
    There are two types, “Soprano” and “Baritone”

    Material: domestic wood*, oil finish
    *Differs in seasons

  • Craft Kit

    Handmade Kit to make your own “Ju-ne” by your hand.
    Sharpening corners with sanding paper, then coating with natural oil. That’s all.
    As the work is simple and safe, from kids to adults can enjoy making and playing this instrument.
    This is very popular item for workshop, also a good material for the elementary school.
    Students are concentrated with it and have fun.
    *No tuning necessary.

Japanese Hand Craft

Wood Ocarina, “Ju-ne” is originally designed by Ocarina Player, Makoto Yasukawa.
Nowadays, premium model is made from walnut tree, cherry tree, ash tree, cypress, even Yakushima cedar tree. Yakushima is famous for world heritage.
If the material is different, of course ocarina makes different sound.
Craftsmen always remember a history and the background of a tree to complete the best ocarina. They often get together and have meetings to skill up. You can see the progress day by day.

The Sound

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