Momo and Kan-na play original ocarina “Ju-ne” in the foot of beautiful Yatsugatake. MOCCA is their sister unit name. They started music activity in 2010, now they have concerts and workshops all over in Japan to introduce warm and cozy sound made from woods

Forest Sound
to the World

Momo & Kan-na were born and grew up as daughters of Makoto Yasukawa who designed “Wood Ocarina, Ju-ne” in the foot of Yatsugatake, Japanese beautiful peaks,
They have good sense of feelings in the nature, so that their created sounds make people feel comfortable, cozy and slow in life.
As they are challenging different types of music such as healing music, jazz and pops, from children to elderly people love their sounds so much.

  • Momo

    She is an elder sister of this sister unit, in addition to an ocarina, she also plays the piano. Due to her father’s illness, she came back home and started music activities with her younger sister.

  • Kan-na

    She is a younger sister of this sister unit, she is mainly in charge of playing “Ju-ne”. After the graduation of high school, she soon has started music activities with her father, ocarina player, then she has joined the sister unit and started activities with her elder sister so far.

The Music

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