“Wood Ocarina Po-ne” was made as the one for aiming to enjoy music for anyone such as little kids, elderly people, and disabled people also.

This ocarina made from Japanese trees can create beautiful gentle sound when anyone hold and blow it.

Simple for

“Po-ne”, which aimed to be handled by everyone, is in a very simple form. It has only one hole to hold down.
By suppressing the hole on the bottom surface, you can make two sounds of C and F.
Since it is already tuned, you can use it as an accompaniment instrument.

  • 1

    “Po-ne” also fits for children’s hands. If you have a single” Po-ne”, you can practice using muscles around the mouth with the movement like extruding your lips, holding it in your mouth, and, also can practice exhaling with an abdominal breathing, and can practice holding it in hands either.

    Size: width 4 cm / height 8 cm
    Material: domestic wood* , oil finish
    *Differs in seasons

  • 2

    There is a hole in the bottom for changing the sound and spitting out the saliva.

  • 3

    When an adult grasps, it’s about this size

A tool for rehabilitation

“Po-ne” was created by Makoto Yasukawa’s care experience.
The act of blowing ocarina has a good rehabilitation.
Because of using muscles around the mouth, your mouth will be tightened and swallowing function will go better.
Also, it stimulate the brain with the sound, rhythm, timing, so on, therefor, you can do your rehabilitation with joy.
As “Po-ne” is structured to make a beautiful sound with little breath (Utility model acquired), even little babies and sick people with less physical strength can enjoy the music. That makes you happy in life.
Craftsmen handmade one by one with Japanese hardwoods like cherry tree, cedar, cypress, walnut.
This ocarina made in the foot of beautiful Yatsugatake peaks give the people gentle touch and healing with the impressive sound.

The Sound

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